I started climbing with my friend Lucas around 1995 by taking the rock climbing course of the CABA (Centro Andino Buenos Aires). It soon became one of my passions, although I could never climb as much (and as hard) as I wanted to. I have climbed in the middle Andean region of Argentina (Arenales, Mendoza), the center of Argentina (Gigantes, Córdoba), south-east of France (Cerdon), east coast of the USA (The Gunks and Poke-O-Moonshine in New York, and Seneca Rocks in West Virginia).

When I moved to Cold Spring Harbor, New York, for my Ph.D., I founded, together with some friends, the Cold Spring Harbor Climbing Club. Although the Club is not active anymore, the web page is still here. The website contains some nice climbing photos.

The members of the club were not only into rock climbing. Road biking, swimming, running, wine-drinking, and dining were activities we also enjoyed together. The Cold Spring Harbor Climbing Club also organized the first Banbury Swim, and annual 2-mile swimming event that became a tradition at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. The Climbing Club web page kept here contains photos of the first and second editions of the Banbury Swim.

During the southern hemisphere Summer 2000/2001, two members of The Cold Spring Harbor Climbing Club (Kurt Haas and myself) joined a group of Argentinean and American friends to attempt Mount Aconcagua, the tallest mountain outside the Himalayas. Although nobody in our group summited, we had a lot of fun. An account of that expedition is here.

Right now, I try to train once or twice a week in a gym (City Climbers or Manhattan Plaza) while waiting for the next trip. I am always looking for climbing partners to go to the gym, the Gunks, or another climbing spot, so don’t hesitate in contacting me to go climbing.